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Power Mobility

Power Mobility

Electric mobility scooters can be great intermediate devices for persons facing mobility challenges. You’ll want to consider asking a few questions to ensure that this device will meet your needs. First of all whether it will be used primarily outdoors or if you’ll intend to use it in your home, office, or in stores.

A scooter is larger than a power wheelchair and therefore there will be limitations as to where you can go with it. 3 wheel scooters do maneuver more easily than 4 wheels since they have a tighter turning radius however they offer less stability. Keep in mind that travelling with a scooter can also be challenging as not all scooters will disassemble or fit into a car or van. In addition, if you intend to use your scooter on public transit you need to learn the rules of the transit system and in any town or city you will want to know the regulations for using your scooter on the roads or sidewalks.

When purchasing an electric wheelchair you may have concerns about using it inside your home or whether a power wheelchair is only safe and intended for indoor use. Motorized wheelchairs can actually be used both indoors and outdoors but knowing where the primary use will be helps to determine the right type of wheelchair that will best suit your needs. If the wheelchair is being used in small spaces such as an apartment or condo, many users find it easier to maneuver a centre-wheel drive power chair. Most users are particularly concerned with how long their batteries will last and how often their wheelchair batteries will need to be charged. This will depend on how often you use your electric wheelchair and what type of terrain it is being used on.